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Brian Cannon
Cannon, at a drumming workshop in March, 2018

Meet Cannon

Cannon, the Founder and Chief Instructor of Rhythms for Renewal, is certified both as a Naturalist and as an Educator, and has over 20 years experience in the study, practice, and teaching of indigenous skills. In his pursuit he has travelled in over 30 countries and has lived for extended periods in nearly 10 of those countries, immersing himself in diverse landscapes, climates, and cultures. He has organized and led countless classes, workshops, events, and wilderness excursions of up to 6 weeks in length, empowering scores of people with skills and experience that will serve generations to come. He is a fire-tender, a goat-herder, a basket-weaver, an artist, a musician, and a guide, who commits his energies to the co-creation of whole, healthy culture.

Cannon's path has clearly led him to focus on traditional West African village-style percussion as an optimal means to share his medicine with the world: practicing deep presence and awareness, connecting authentically with the life around one's self, and cultivating healthy, balanced relationships. He extends his hand, clear-eyed and smiling, inviting you to discover for yourself why West African drumming is such a potent practice.

Cannon now lives in the sun-drenched heart of rural Portugal, the Beira Baixa region, among the sheep, the olives, working to co-create meaningful lifeways that heal, sustain, and nourish.

"This work is dedicated to my daughter Wrenna Fortunata, and the well-being of all future generations."

Cannon, when he was living as a nomadic goat-herder in the wild desert canyons of Arizona in March, 2013

"I have enjoyed everything I have done with Cannon. He is strong and embodied, present and considered, respectful and creative. I have watched him lead groups and workshops, and he consistently strikes a healthy balance between leading closely at times and giving people room to explore at other times. Whether it is drumming, wilderness survival, basketmaking or other skills, he is a very good teacher and ally. He both delivers the basic instructions for getting the fundamentals right, and extends his offer to touch into the places where true growth happens. I recommend him highly." — Steve Self, Aikido 4th dan instructor.


"I have drummed with Cannon a few times and plan to continue learning from him. WOW!!! Cannon has a knack for making drumming for beginners with limited rhythm fun, effortless, and successful!!! He makes sure everyone gets the skills he is teaching. He is patient, passionate, funny, and truly is a master at drumming. I highly recommend these classes and workshops with Cannon. It has added a beautiful dimension to my life." — Dr. Lori Krauss


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Meet Susana

Susana, our Director of Operations in Portugal, is the mother of 2 beautiful children, holds a degree in Children's Education, has worked as a Kindergarden teacher in the Portuguese public school system and in Waldorf schools, and has worked as a massage therapist.

After participating in multiple Tribal Trance workshops, which catalyzed profound transformation in her life, she was inspired to help share this medicine with more people in her home country of Portugal and thus joined our team.