rhythms for renewal
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What We Do

Rhythms for Renewal offers both short and long-term programs utilizing traditional West African percussion to develop our physical, mental, and emotional potential as part of a holistic, balanced lifestyle and healthy social environment.

Specialized interactive drumming has been clinically proven to generate (or re- generate) brain cells, and to have tremendous therapeutic impact in modulating the human stress response, greatly reducing the amount of stress in our bodies and even reversing the effects of stress on our DNA. Research has also shown it to cause dramatic mood improvement and “burnout” reduction, to inspire creativity and bonding, to be a major catalyst for quality-of-life improvement, and to strengthen the human immune system. In addition, it promotes the development of healthy listening and communication skills, while creating a social support system which can break down emotional barriers that obstruct learning or productivity and in turn increase self- esteem and innovation.
By including the context and history of West African rhythms, participants gain respect for our cultural diversity and acceptance of our external differences. As a result, they acquire the spirit of collaboration and cooperation, finding the vast potential in intercultural exploration and understanding.

Our goal is to bring this experience into the workplace, school, or other social community, in order to invigorate the group’s productivity and success by stimulating healthy brain function, reducing stress, and by creating authentic and lasting camaraderie.