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"One of the most powerful aspects of drumming and the reason people have done it since the beginning of being human is that it changes people's consciousness. Through rhythmic repetition of ritual sounds, the body, the brain and the nervous system are energized and transformed. When a group of people play a rhythm for an extended period of time, their brain waves become entrained to the rhythm and they have a shared brain wave state. The longer the drumming goes on, the more powerful the entrainment becomes. It's really the oldest holy communion."

—Layne Redmond, Drummer, Composer, Film-maker, Educator, and Author of When the Drummers were Women

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"I have done so many things in my life, but this... this is so expansive... I can't even put my arms around it anymore."

---Ed Sacco, age 86, Retired Teacher, Writer, and Veterans for Peace Organizer and Activist; participant in several Tribal Trance workshops in USA, 2021








TRIBAL TRANCE Ritual Drumming Workshops

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A Journey of Discovery, Healing, & Transformation, deeply rooted in the practice of Traditional West African Village-Style Percussion

a therapeutic wellness event,
suitable for all skill-levels of drummers

Traditional West African Percussion is an indigenous technology which has been used since ancient times to maintain or restore harmony within both individuals and communities. We are blessed to have been gifted this healing art, along with the encouragement to practice it with intention and reverence.

Tribal Trance is an intensive workshop, an immersion into traditional West African village-style percussion designed and facilitated to be not only a technical music study, but also a journey of self-discovery, healing, and transformation, striving towards both individual and community wholeness.

Each workshop climaxes with a ritual drumming session, meaning that we invoke a power greater than ourselves and that we play with deep intention, for an extended period. During this session we enter into a field of resonant energies, a shared brain-wave state, into an altered state of perception and experience commonly referred to as a "trance." Held by the safety and strength of the circle, by the other musicians, and transported out of everyday consciousness by the music, with our deep intention and the presence of greater powers, these ritual drumming sessions become a crucible for profound self-discovery, healing, and transformation.

Indigenous peoples, since ancient times, have sought and brought about healing in this manner.
Tribal Trance Ritual Drumming Workshops make this magic, this wisdom, this power available to the modern world!

"It was an incredible experience:
inspiring, heart-opening, fun(!), connective,
unexpected, timely...so much bubbling on multiple levels.
A true occasion. One with many echoing gifts."

---Briana Winter, Professional Musician,
Tribal Trance Participant, October 2021


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Upcoming TRIBAL TRANCE Ritual Drumming Workshops




25 e 26 de Junho / June 25th & 26th

~Summer Solstice Session~

Sábado/Saturday 14h-18h, Domingo/Sunday 10h-19h
@ Casa do Bombo de Lavacolhos, Portugal    •    (A UNESCO Educational Site)

Troca/Exchange: €70
Inscrição antecipada, até 18 de Junho/Early-Registration, before June 18th: €55

*Necessária pré-inscrição. Lugares limitados.
*Pre-Registration is Required, due to limited space.

Um depósito de 35€ confirma a tua inscrição e reserva o teu lugar.
A Deposit of €35 will confirm your registration and reserve your place.

Piquenique ao ar livre no Domingo; almoço não incluído.
Outdoor picnic lunch on Sunday; lunch not provided.

Estadia disponível na Quinta do Ragal a apenas alguns minutos de distância, de carro
Overnight accommodation available at Quinta do Ragal, just a few minutes drive from Casa do Bombo.

Inscreve-te Agora / Register Now

A Poem

by the Belgian Artist Mieke Weckesser, a long-time participant in Rhythms for Renewal drumming workshops, including several Tribal Trance experiences:

tribal trance


to access a fabric
threading together
active spaces
blending into the other
the other worldly

patterns emerge
open and fertile
welcoming difference
through, with and in
the company of others
echoing and reverberating
the sacred communal

kissed by chaos
system and order disturbed
uncanny rebalancing and
stretching time
with presence and

intentionally becoming
porous and entangled
folding, unfolding
exterior and interior
revealing, obscuring
self and other

a transcendental journey
permeating boundaries,
returning to clarity
and then ambiguity again
and again


frayed, unsettling
evocative, resonant and
caressed by the healing
powers of renewal

empty spaces
being carried
effortlessly breathing,
diversifying and spiralling
against the logic of
the square

endless points of
touching an excess
an opaque play and
an invitation
to get lost

through a fold, split open
without beginning nor end
the eternal now
speaks back and
ancestral voices guiding us
into the vertical where
future and history
melt into
the vision of a dream